Stay with comfort and reassurance

We are delighted to welcome you to the Cairn Hotel during these difficult times. Restrictions may be tightening at the moment but please let us assure you that, as always, our friendly staff are there to help and their main commitment will remain to ensure our guests have a wonderful and relaxing stay.

STAY WITH COMFORT AND REASSURANCE – Read all about our different department’s protocols here


If you have made a refundable booking with us and are unsure whether or not you wish to travel, then please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your options within 48 hours of your arrival date. For non-refundable bookings, please see information below.

Non-Refundable/Advanced Purchase Bookings

For non-refundable bookings made after 1st April 2020: By this date we expect that all customers were aware of the risk of further Coronavirus spread, and as such know the risk they were taking when making any new Non-refundable or Advanced Purchase reservations. Therefore all non-refundable reservations made as of 1 April 2020, we will no longer apply Force Majeure conditions for guests seeking to cancel or modify these bookings due to the current Coronavirus. These reservations will be treated like any standard non-refundable booking, according to our policies and procedures.